I am zode64. I like programming

Ear I have ears
Thoughts I have a brain
Hand I have hands
Who I am

My name is John. I like making web and mobile things

A recent thought

More ideas around accounting.

  1. Find a way to introduce small business to accounting processes currently aimed at only bigger companies due to cost limitations.
  2. An invoice generator which hooks into the tax system and can work as a plugin to existing project management tools.
Why zode64

function zode64() {
    // Euclidean distance from origin to my home village coordinates
    var euc = Math.sqrt(Math.pow(53.8192, 2) + Math.pow(1.2545, 2));
    // Base 64 encoded ASCII string of euclidean distance
    var eucEncod = btoa(euc);
    // eucEncod == 'NTMuODMzODE4OTE0MjI5'
    var eucEncodSub = eucEncod.substring(7, 11).toLowerCase();
    // eucEncodSub == 'zode'
    return eucEncodSub + '64'; // append base encoding value
// zode64() == 'zode64'

How to contact me

I like email - john@zode64.com. Feel free to ask me anything.