I am zode64. I like programming

Ear I have ears
Thoughts I have a brain
Hand I have hands
Who I am

My name is John. I like making web and mobile things

A recent thought

Apple triaged the app review for the latest PocketLab app due a bug that was introduced in the previous release.

I liked the process but even with the triage it took about 18 hours.

Why zode64

function zode64() {
    // Euclidean distance from origin to my home village coordinates
    var euc = Math.sqrt(Math.pow(53.8192, 2) + Math.pow(1.2545, 2));
    // Base 64 encoded ASCII string of euclidean distance
    var eucEncod = btoa(euc);
    // eucEncod == 'NTMuODMzODE4OTE0MjI5'
    var eucEncodSub = eucEncod.substring(7, 11).toLowerCase();
    // eucEncodSub == 'zode'
    return eucEncodSub + '64'; // append base encoding value
// zode64() == 'zode64'

How to contact me

I like email - john@zode64.com. Feel free to ask me anything.